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Fountain Solution Manual Guide And Maintenance

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 11-09-2022      Origin: Site

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Condition Preparation

In the case of normal machine data, there is no need to adjust the machine deliberately. Properly adjust the water roller gap pressure and speed, the values are adjusted according to the actual operating conditions; please put the water level small first, slowly find the right water level.

About 3% of the original solution, 8%-12% isopropyl alcohol and water mixing ratio can be used, automatic pumping ratio, please check whether the equipment is accurate, high ink volume of high temperature weather appropriate to add more fountain solution or isopropyl alcohol, do not feel free to add, and is not recommended to add according to the PH value conductivity.

Water tank temperature to 8 ℃ ~ 10 ℃, the PH value to 5.2-5.8 between, conductivity 800Ω ~ 1300Ω can be.

Adding ratio

Please do not choose PH management or conductivity management, as the circulating water tank constantly mixed into the ink carbonic acid, paper powder, spray powder, each area of raw water, etc. will cause PH or conductivity fluctuations, and meet the printing conditions of PH and conductivity have a certain range is not an absolute value, these two data can be used as a tank mixture of ① fountain solution too much or too little ② clean degree; so the recommended concentration of quantitative management without regard to external influences: (according to add how much water plus the corresponding proportion of fountain solution and isopropyl alcohol)

Manual addition: Example ①: the proportion of fountain solution is about 3%, the proportion of isopropyl alcohol is about 10%; 100 kg of water with about 3 kg of fountain solution, if you add 20 kg of water is, with 20 * 3% = 0.6 kg, every 20 kg of water to add about 600 ml of fountain solution, isopropyl alcohol: 20 * (8%-12%) = 2 kg is also 2000 ml. c

fountian slution

Daily maintenance and precautions

Measure the use ratio accurately. Please use the quantitative management of concentration to add the fountain solution, please do not choose the management of PH value or conductivity management

1. Focus on tank cleaning; wash the tank diligently during the period to keep it clean. It is best to install the water tank recycling filter cotton to prevent the ink and paper dust from entering the tank after printing, thus changing the tank conductivity.

2. Regularly replace the filtering cotton / bag.

3. If there is water or ink removal during use, please use calcium remover, and use ink roller care shampoo for Komori machine. If calcium accumulation occurs in the ink roller, please use water or clean plate paste to clean it.

4. If the water roller is inked, it is generally because the proportion of fountain solution is less or the water tank water is dirty, it is recommended to use special water roller cleaner.

5. If there are special drying requirements or to reduce the use of spray powder, you can choose a fast-drying fountain solution; for example, printing iron, fast printing needs to quickly dry flip printing, cutting, etc.

6. If you encounter other problems during use, just check the accuracy of the amount added and the cleanliness of the water tank.

7. If you encounter the phenomenon of blistering, please check whether the return water is mixed with air back into the water tank.

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