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Rubber Blanket

ontinuously supplying many excellent products in the graphic arts industry to various printing firms and press manufacturers.
Our printing blankets enjoy the good reputation in the market in its inking, dot reproduction and durability.
The optimal printing blanket shall be selected depending on press type and printing materials.
We have much variety of blankets, and contribute to the graphics arts of next generation by our original R&D with the consistent system from designing to production.
PrintBar can provide full range of Rubber Blanket:Metal Decoration Rubber Blanket,Sheet-fed Rubber Blanket,Sticky-Back Rubber Blanket,UV Rubber Blanket,Web Rubber Blanket
In addition, we have Meiji, Kinyo, Phoenix, Vulcan and other brands of offset blankets.


Product name Item No. Surface color Thickness Hardness Layer Back line color Roughness Printing speed
Web print blanket 790 Light blue 1.68mm 76±3 3 - 0.8-1.1μm 30,000-40,000
Offset print blanket 690 Blue 1.96mm 78 3 Green 0.8-1.1μm -
790 Blue 1.96mm 81 3 Green 0.7-1.1μm -
890 Blue 1.96mm 76 3 Green - -
5180A Blue 1.95mm 74 3 Blue - 8,000-10,000
6180A Blue 1.68mm 72-76 3 Red 1.0-1.2μm 8,000-10,000
7180A Blue 1.68mm 76-78 3 Grass green 0.8-1.0μm 10,000-12,000
918 Blue 1.96mm 78-81 3 Green - 15,000
1018 Blue 1.68mm 76-78 3 Red 1.0-1.2μm 18,000-20,000
UV print blanket UV-20 Red 1.95mm 76-78 3 Red 1.0-1.2μm 12,000
UV-80 Orange 1.95mm 78-80 3 Brown 0.8-1.0μm 15,000
UV-990 Light blue 1.68mm 78 3 - 0.8-1.1μm -
Red 1.96mm
Sticky blanket - Blue 0.95 or1.05mm - 2 - 2.3μm 1,0000-2,0000
UV Sticky blanket - Red 0.95 or1.05mm - 2 - 2.3μm 1,0000-2,0000
Under layer blanket - White or Black 0.6 to 1.0mm - - - - -
PrintBar Rubber Blanket Application
Different grades of Rubber Blanket can be applied to these packages: books, newspapers, cosmetic boxes, PVC cards, UV cigarette packets, Metal printing

Why Choose PrintBar Rubber Blanket

  • Competitive price
    Compared with purchasing from traders or distributors, it saves at least 30% of the cost and eliminates many intermediate links.
  • Fast Delivery
    We have a wide stock of Rubber Blanket of different sizes and can deliver to you in 5-7 days. The delivery time will be 10-30 days for custom-made inks.​​​​​​​
  • Guaranteed quality​​​​​​​
    All PrintBar rubber blanket cords are ISO, CE, ROHS, SONCAP, SGS compliant, product tested.
  • Successful cases
    The product sells well in 100 countries and regions including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa.

Confused about product selection?

Considering many distributor customers don't have enough offset printing knowledge, PrintBar always provide great support by training, online technical consultation and physically technical visit, to instruct distributors and end users how to select a right Rubber Blanket for different printing jobs.
PrintBar also have professional and experienced sales and logistic teams, they can ensure Rubber Blanket orders performed 100% accorded with customers requirement, and delivered to customers fast and safely.
PrintBar solutions are designed to match technical requirements of various jobs aimed at printing commercial, packaging, metal, plastic pot, business forms, securities, newspaper and many others.

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In order to fill in the printing field of environmental printing, research and development the all non-alcoholic fountain solution, it is a good solution to he traditional difficult to overcome the problem of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and soon.

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