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Room 918, 199 Jiangkai Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
Vision: To become a conscience-oriented, world-class century-old enterprise.
Mission: In the pursuit of all staff material and spiritual happiness at the same time, help printing customers better business.

Core Value
Conscience is the core value of Chenjie
"According to conscience, what is right", This is Chenjie to deal with all management issues of judgment benchmark.
Core values are decomposed into: Gratitude; Altruism; Honesty; Chenjie people, a family; Everyone is an operator; Business as transparent as glass.

1. Long history: more than 10 years of manufacturing history, China agent 40 more.
2. Product stability: adapt to all kinds of machines, compatible with the water quality of various areas, easy to use, no harm to the equipment.
3. Market trend: reduce cost, keep healthy and meet the market demand for green printing.
4. Brand protection: multi-channel publicity, agents of strict regional policy protection, strictly inspect the market for counterfeit and shoddy products.

Shanghai Chenjie Printing Material Co., Ltd

In order to fill in the printing field of environmental printing, research and development the all non-alcoholic fountain solution, it is a good solution to he traditional difficult to overcome the problem of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and soon.

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