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    The company was originally set up for research and development the all non-alcoholic fountain solution.
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    Nowadays, the company adheres to "integrity, responsibility, development, win-win corporate culture".​​​​​​​
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    The company was founded in order to fill in the field of environmental printing.

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The initial purpose of the company’s establishment was to develop alcohol-free fountain solution. In order to fill the environmental protection printing field in the printing field, the research and development of alcohol-free printing fountain solution, which solves the problems of energy saving, environmental protection and safety that are difficult to overcome in traditional printing.


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Shanghai Chenjie Printing Material Co., Ltd

In order to fill in the printing field of environmental printing, research and development the all non-alcoholic fountain solution, it is a good solution to he traditional difficult to overcome the problem of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and soon.

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