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Alcohol Free Fountain Solution

Applicable to all imported and domestic flat offset presses, any PS plate and CTP plates. New and old, truly free alcohol (zero alcohol) printing.

(PrintBar) Alcohol-Free Fountain Solution Instructions

Technical Indicators

1. No need to add IPA or other additives during use

2. Product neutrality

A. High-fidelity fountain solution: in the printing process can make the original more realistic copy.

B. VOC-free fountain solution: fountain solution does not contain VOC (refer to the German DIN 55649-2000 standard) ingredients.

C. Free alcohol fountain solution: no need to add alcohol in the process, instead of the alcohol-free fountain solution on the market.

3. For a variety of offset printing machine models

4. Without damaging the water roller and printing components, the rubber roller will gradually soften, the service life will be significantly extended, and the maintenance cost will be reduced.

5. In line with the Ministry of Environmental Protection of toys, food, packaging, primary and secondary school textbooks supplementary green lithography HJ2503-2011 standard. No adverse effect on the ink roller water roller.


Origin: Shanghai Specifications: Net weight 20KG/barrel

Color: colorless Shelf life 24 months

Packaging: Drum Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, cool place


First, Performance:

1. Applicable to all imported and domestic flat offset presses, any PS plate and CTP plates. New and old, truly free alcohol (zero alcohol) printing.

2. It is not necessary to adjust the printing equipment and the temperature of the water tank. The machine is ready for use. The conditions for use are the same as for alcohol printing. Compared to printing with alcohol, it is easier to achieve the balance of water and ink, the operation is simple and convenient, and the color is more realistic.

3. In the high temperature environment of the outside world, the thickness and continuity of the water film on the printing plate can be smoothly printed without adding alcohol.

4. Super buffer system. Ensure that the pH is stable between 4.4-4.8, suitable for soft and hard water.

5. The working fluid surface tension is 32-38dye/cm, a small amount of ink can be achieved clear printing points, vivid colors, big ink position can be stable and stable printing.

6. Contains water-retaining substance, and it can be turned on again without any dirty after shutdown to reduce waste. .Antiseptic, anti-calcium, non-toxic, non-foaming, non-clogging pipes.

7. Start a fast and stable ink and water balance, effectively prevent the "dry" and other issues.

Second, Environmental Protection:

1. In line with environmental protection HJ2503-2011 standards, through the SGS standard certification.

2. Non-toxic, odorless, can improve the air quality in the workshop.

Third, Innovation:

1. No need to add alcohol, water, reduce ink can reduce production costs.

2. Can significantly improve the quality of printed products, ink saturated ink, clear and bright outlets.

3. Ink drying speed, improve production efficiency.

Fourth, Security:

1. Flame retardant, eliminate fire hazards.

2. No damage to the equipment roller.

Fifth, Stability:

1. A wide range of applications, compatible with the water quality of various regions.

2. Easy to use, dampening stability.


In the normal circumstances of the machine data, there is no need to adjust the machine. The 3%-4% stock solution can be mixed with water, domestically produced, Japanese machine is about 3%, Germany is about 4%, the water tank temperature is adjusted to 8°C~10°C, and the PH value is adjusted to 5.2-5.8. Conductivity 800Ω ~ 1200Ω or so can be, without lowering the temperature of the water tank, the use of conditions consistent with the printing of alcohol. Wash tanks frequently during the period to keep the tank clean. It is best to install a sink to recover the filter cotton, to prevent the printing ink and paper scraps from entering, the water tank will change the conductivity, and the boot can be printed smoothly. The value is adjusted according to the actual operation conditions; the water roller gap and speed are properly adjusted.


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In order to fill in the printing field of environmental printing, research and development the all non-alcoholic fountain solution, it is a good solution to he traditional difficult to overcome the problem of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and soon.

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