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The Difference Between Offset Printing And UV Printing, Silk Screen Printing

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 02-18-2022      Origin: Site

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Offset printing is suitable for materials for paper materials, printing down the ink is easy to dry, and then some customers customized products in small quantities, the ink is not large, and want to cheap then our manufacturers will choose offset printing to reduce printing costs, special materials ink is not suitable for the use of offset printing.




UV printing is suitable for printing special materials, such as PVC plastic sheet, PVC stickers, waterproof material stickers, as well as special paper printing ink does not dry easy to scratch off the use of UV printing, such as pearlescent paper, etc..




Silk-screen printing: suitable for single color, large or thick lines, etc., printing single-color, two-color, three-color, etc., thick ink, the number of less printing, can not print color complex graphic content, strokes and other content is too fine, I'm afraid that printing is not.




Cost analysis: UV printing printing costs > offset printing


Quality analysis: UV printing > offset printing

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