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PS Plate

Positive PS PLATE This product is suitable for brush, traditional, turbine and spray fountain press rotary printing fountain solution additive. SPECIFICATION Type :Positive PS Plates Spectral Sensitively :320-450nm Exposure Duration :30 Seconds, approx, 20 pulses(3kw lodine-Gallium lamp,from 1m...

Positive PS PLATE

This product is suitable for brush, traditional, turbine and spray fountain press rotary printing fountain solution additive.


Type:Positive PS Plates

Spectral Sensitively:320-450nm

Exposure Duration:30 Seconds, approx, 20 pulses(3kw lodine-Gallium lamp,from 1m UGRA PCW82 control strip,the third section un-inking

*Duration varies with its printing conditions and materials.

Developing Time:20-40 seconds

Developing solution:water=1:7,23±2℃


Thickness:0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.40mm (customizable)

Size: other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements

*Run-Length varies with its printing conditions and imaging content.


1. High quality aluminum plate through electrolytic grinding plate, anodic oxidation and other processes.

2. Positive PS plate surface for granulation state, can shorten the vacuum time, reduce the exposure area and non-exposure (print) area halo.

3. Suitable for machine display, hand display, slot display processing.

4. Dot reduction, good ink affinity, high Run-Length.

5. High quality raw materials.

6. Sand mesh uniform, good water-ink balance, dot reduction good

7. Dense oxide layer - high Run-Length.

8. Large tolerance - easy to operate, printing environment adaptability.


Exposure(plate burning)

Plate burning light: Iodine home light as the most suitable light source: due to the different light sources, plate exposure time will be different, the exposure recommended in the table is only a range;When using the same version, the exposure time is 20% longer than the normal exposure time, it is recommended to update the tube.

film: In order to ensure the quality of printing, it is recommended to print the film density of 3.5 or more.

exposure time: STOUFFER21 gray-scale scale (grade.015) or UGRA PCW82 control strip placed on edge of plate, under film, properly exposed and developed under recommended conditions.The gray scale of the third level of exposure is the best exposure of the positive version, the ninth level of exposure is the negative version of the exposure;Or when the 10 -- 15 m microlines on the control strip are uninterruptible the positive line shall prevail and the negative line shall prevail.


Developing solution: Use huaguang PO type developer (for positive plate) and huaguang ND-II type developer (for negative plate).

Developing solution elixir: when Positive Developing, concentrate volume: water = volume 1:6 ∽ 1:8 negative developing, concentrate volume: water volume = 1;2.

Developing Stability: 23 ℃ + 2 ℃. High temperature will make the plate dot reducibility, at the same time, which reduces the printing endurance;If the temperature is too low, the development ability is insufficient.

Developing time: Developing time does not exceed 1 minute.


Positive plate using huaguang PI image eraser.

Negative plate using huaguang NI want image eraser.

In order to eliminate the superfluous image on the board after development washing, a small amount of image remover can be applied to the part to be eliminated, and its residence time should not exceed 45 seconds.


After developing and washing, the layout should be coated with a thin layer of plate gum.The concentration and dosage of protective glue should be recommended by the manufacturer of plate gum.


Roasting glue: should choose high quality roasting glue

Baked plate time: 5 ∽ 10 minutes

Baked version temperature: 220 ∽ 420

The baking plate should be strictly recommended temperature and time operation, the time is too short, the temperature is too low to achieve the baking plate effect;Time is too long, the temperature is too high will seriously affect the performance of the plate, in particular, not only the degree of discoloration to judge the baking plate end.


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