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Commercial Rotary Fountain Solution

It can maintain the stability of the water supply system during high-speed printing, and it can be started quickly. It is a strong buffer system.

PrintBar Commercial Rotary Fountain Solution

Suitable for commercial rotary high-speed printing presses to keep good wettability fountain solution.

PH control stability is: 4.2-4.7

Packing: 25L/barrel

Density: 1.268%

Place of Origin: Shanghai


1. It can maintain the stability of the water supply system during high-speed printing, and it can be started quickly. It is a strong buffer system.

2. Can reduce or even without alcohol, strong buffering, with high efficiency preservatives.

3. Inhibit the growth and reproduction of algae, bacteria and mold in the wetting water system.

4. With a larger printing latitude, can maintain a stable printing effect.

5. The small amount of water, cleaning speed, keep the water glue clean, inhibit the emulsification tendency.

6. For a variety of water quality, containing moisture, after a long shutdown, boot again without dirty.

Concentration Method of Use:

1. The surface of the hydrophilic layer is gradually flattened. Therefore, it is necessary to use the electrolyte in the fountain solution and the exposed aluminum plate reaction to generate a new roughened surface and maintain the hydrophilicity of the blank portion of the printing plate.

2. Due to the viscoelastic effect of the rubber roller, the ink on the rubber roller and the rubber roller will heat up quickly after the printing machine is turned on, and the viscosity of the ink will drop rapidly due to the temperature increase, resulting in a serious expansion of the network. The increase in temperature also causes the ink to separate out more free fatty acids and emulsify the ink. The application of the fountain solution to the printing plate can lower the plate temperature, thereby lowering the temperature of the ink and maintaining the printing suitability of the ink.


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In order to fill in the printing field of environmental printing, research and development the all non-alcoholic fountain solution, it is a good solution to he traditional difficult to overcome the problem of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and soon.

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