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Offset Printing Ink Disposal

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 08-15-2022      Origin: Site

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Offset Printing Ink Disposal

In the offset printing process, especially monochrome offset printing machine, whether Y, M, C, BK four-color printing, or trademarks, packaging and decoration often need to wash ink for color, the entire offset printing machine ink delivery system for cleaning, and then replaced with new ink. Ink washing device scraper is composed of rubber knife, ink collection slot, tight and loose adjustment screws.

The process of ink washing: ink rollers on top of the roller wash, the ink scraper installed in the ink wash position slot, tighten the adjusting screws, so that the rubber knife is 40 ° angle and offset printing machine corresponding to the contact with the surface of the string ink roller, the string ink roller longitudinal and lateral movement, the ink delivery system on the old ink and roller wash source through the rubber knife scraping and washing to the ink receiving slot inside.

Washing ink for color cleaning clean and thorough, for the accurate grasp of the printing color plays a key role, through the ink wash prints to color positive, bright and accurate ink, in the actual ink wash for color operation process to pay attention to the following points: 

1. wash ink scraper device, must be in the wash ink color change, or due to other factors need to clean the ink rollers to install it on the offset press, the installation of the eccentric pins at both ends of the ink receiving slot rest in the opening slot of the support shaft fixed on the wall plate of the offset press, the adjustment nut fixed in the opening of the square iron block on the wall plate. Then start the offset printing machine, and twist the adjusting nut, so that the blade of the rubber knife slowly to the surface of the ink roller contact, the left and right ends of the adjusting screw contact pressure requirements evenly, the rubber knife and the ink roller string every part of uniform contact, to be able to scrape the ink in a comprehensive manner.

2. When cleaning ink, in order to thoroughly and cleanly remove all the ink and ink traces on the ink rollers, it is best to pour roller wash from the upper part of the ink delivery parts, on the ink rollers near the ink hopper area, so that the waste ink from the upper part of the rubber knife will flow into the ink collection tank, after a period of time, the ink rollers can be washed clean.

3. After the ink delivery parts ink roller and ink hopper clean, wipe clean, with clean, soft, neat and clean without fiber lint and good water absorption cloth head.

4. Clean up the ink washing mechanism of the scraper installation position to be accurate, the rubber blade and the surface of the ink roller to maintain equal distance and the same contact pressure.

5. clean up, take the wipe cloth to wipe steady speed to wipe fast, offset printing machine in the case of operation do not let the wipe cloth involved in the ink roller.

6. Washing ink for color requires the operator to pour roller wash from the upper ink rollers, to maintain an even amount, do not make roller wash splash around.

7. Smoking and open fire are strictly prohibited in the workshop to prevent fire when washing and changing colors.

8. When the offset printing machine is in operation, you must pay attention to the safety of scrubbing ink rollers.

①Beware of the cuffs, hands and corners of the shirt, the ink rollers or rollers caught, resulting in human injury.

②It is forbidden to carry box ruler, keys, coins, pencils, pens and other hard objects and ink shovel and tools for repairing the machine in the pockets of the operator's jacket and work clothes to prevent them from falling into the ink rollers and causing accidents.

9. Washing ink for color change in general there are two cases, one is light-colored ink for dark-colored ink, and the other is dark-colored ink for light-colored ink.

① Light-color ink for dark-color ink

Light-colored ink for dark ink is relatively easy, for the ink roller cleaning correspondingly also save time and effort. First of all, we must use the ink shovel to shovel out the light-colored ink of the ink bucket, as long as the ink scraper to clean up the light-colored ink on the ink roller, while cleaning the ink skin left on the ink roller, paper hair and other debris.

② dark ink for light-colored ink

Offset printing ink wash for color, dark ink for light-colored ink, at this time for the ink roller cleaning requirements are higher, cleaning is more difficult, the ink roller cleanliness is higher, it requires light-colored ink can not be soiled by dark ink, if the old ink on the ink roller cleanup is not completely clean will affect the color and color inaccuracy, light-colored ink will have a dark ink shadow, therefore, must be clean ink bucket, ink roller, ink spatula, etc., and then use the ink spatula Apply the light color ink to the ink rollers, start the offset printing machine, let the ink rollers are evenly adhered to the light color ink, and then pour on the roller wash to clean off. If it is not clean, you can also repeat until the ink roller is clean.

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